Valdez Chugach Big Mountain Riding


~ Valdez / Thompson Pass / Chugach Mountains ~

Reproduction and redistribution of these maps is prohibited without permission from the Valdez Avalanche Center.

Snowboarding the Chugach Mountains Snowboarding the Chugach Mountains Chugach Mountains
Skiing spines in the Chugach Mountains Splitboarding around Valdez, Chugach Mountains

In March and April we offer services out of Thompson Pass and the Valdez Airport. The Chugach Mountains in this area offer some of the best snow on the planet. There are a number of places we can take you for day riding or putting up a basecamp.

Wrangell Mountain Riding

~ The Wrangell Mountains ~

Ahtna Peaks

These towering ice-clad volcanoes form the backbone of our country’s largest piece of wilderness, the 20,000 square mile Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. In a place with more vertical relief than anywhere in the world and altogether bigger than the country of Switzerland, there is no shortage of ski terrain. Along with high elevation ski mountaineering objectives like the classic NW Ridge of Blackburn, there is a plethora of heavily glaciated satellite peaks with incredible potential. The major advantage of Tok is its position on the north flank or “dry side” of the range where weather is generally better. This allows a greater number of windows for air travel and a better chance you’ll get picked up before you run out of food!

~ Eastern Alaska Range ~

Mt Timlin Aesthetics
Mt Timlin Ski potential

Located next to the Canadian border, the very eastern tip of the world famous Alaska Range is a seldom visited and relatively unexplored destination for the ski mountaineer. This sub range between the Richardson and Glenn Highways is an icy expanse of glaciated wilderness, densely populated by steep spine walls. As seen in Teton Gravity Research’s 2014 film Higher, these mountains are prone to big storms and heavy snowfall. Lines ranging from 500 to 5,000 feet are possible in all directions. This is a true representation of Alaskan adventure.

There are a variety of potential glacier landings that can serve as base camps or simply a jumping off point for long traverses. Custom charters to select glaciers are also available with prior reconnaissance. Feel free to make in inquiry via email.

Mt. TimlinMt. Timlin5,200 ft$500$500 Gakona Glacier 5,500 ft$600$400 Black Rapids/Hayes Range5,000+ ft$600 --->