Where We Fly

Our areas can be divided into three distinct areas:

Eastern Alaska Range

The Eastern Alaska Range has great expanses of off the beaten path playground. Winter highlights include places like Mt. Timlin, and Kimball Glacier. There are some great summer time trips in the Eastern Alaska range for remote wilderness backpacking and excellent pack raft trips.

Wrangell St.Elias National Park

This area sees a little more love than the Eastern Alaska Range. One of these reasons is the terrain. Wrangell St.Elias contains some of the tallest peaks in Alaska and North America. Mount St. Elias is the second tallest in the state. While Mt Bona, Blackbrun, and Sanford are the 4th,5th, and 6th tallest mountains in Alaska.

There is a lot of vertical to be found in this region. Because of the subtle terrain Mt. Sanford qualifies as the third longest run in the world with the most vertical. Coming out Sheep Glacier you can have a 10-11 mile run from the summit, while dropping nearly 11,000ft.


Charley River/40 Mile District

The Charley River is a popular destination for pack rafters interested in a fun swift adventure.