Wrangell Mountain Hiking


~ Eastern Alaska Range ~

Mt. Kimball Mt. Kimball
Anna Pfaff and Angela VanWeimeersch getting ready to climb in the Wrangells.

Located next to the Canadian border, the very eastern tip of the world famous Alaska Range is a seldom visited and relatively unexplored destination for the alpine climber. This sub range between the Richardson and Glenn Highways is an icy expanse of glaciated wilderness, densely populated by steep technical faces and committing knife-edge ridgelines. As one of Alaska's twenty most topographically prominent peaks, mighty Mount Kimball (10,300’) has over 7,000 feet of prominence and is the crown of this sub range. This stunning and remote mountain saw its first ascent in 1969 yet remains an elusive objective for mountaineers today. Countless satellite peaks are scattered around the compass and are still awaiting their first ascents.

There are a variety of potential glacier landings that can serve as base camps or simply a jumping off point for long traverses. Custom charters to select glaciers are also available with prior reconnaissance. Feel free to make in inquiry via email.

"Flying through the eastern Alaska Range was like travelling through the Wild West! Unnamed, untamed and knife edged peaks in all directions with overwhelming glaciation. This place has many years worth of exploration and cherry picking."
- Zach Clanton

~ The Wrangell Mountains ~

Ahtna Peaks Mount Natazhat Mt. Blackburn
Rime Climbing potential Mountain climbing Eastern Alaska Range

These towering ice-clad volcanoes form the backbone of our country's largest piece of wilderness, the 20,000 square mile Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. In a place with more vertical relief than anywhere in the world and altogether bigger than the country of Switzerland, there is no shortage of potential for the alpine climber. Along with high elevation objectives like the classic NW Ridge of Blackburn, there is a plethora of heavily glaciated satellite peaks with incredible potential. The major advantage of Tok is its position on the north flank or “dry side” of the range where weather is generally better. This allows a greater number of windows for air travel and a better chance you'll get picked up before you run out of food!

10,050ft up on Mt. Blackburn

Up on Mt. Blackburn.

Read Clark Corey's Blackburn NW Ridge trip report.

~ Wrangell Mountains Rock Climbing~

Wrangell St Elias rock climbing Wrangell St Elias rock climbing

There are some pretty cool locations we know of if you're looking to do remote trad climbing.